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How Does Pharma Learn To Speak “Patient”?

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About How Does Pharma Learn To Speak “Patient”?

Speaking Patient

This eBook takes readers through an example of discourse analysis of a patient community on Inspire.  In the process, author Kathryn Ticknor demonstrates how the language of patients is a different language from “medicalese,” the language of medicine.  Her insights are a first step in learning how to speak “patient.”

Highlights of the eBook

  •  Find out the importance of a speech community in understanding the language of patient.
  •  Learn the significance of identifying the words, metaphors and narratives that convey meaning to patients.
  • See what insights can be drawn from conducting discourse analysis on patient communication in community.

Kathryn Ticknor, Senior Research Manager at Inspire, is a marketing researcher with expertise in linguistic insights, ethnography, human-centered design and unstructured data analysis.  With disease-state experience across a variety of chronic conditions, she brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the patient journey.

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