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Untangling the Mixed Messages of the NICU: Parents’ Perspectives

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About Untangling the Mixed Messages

This special report is based on an online survey of over 200 parents who belong to the Inspire Preemie Community. Author Deb Discenza is an internationally known patient advocate, and the mother of a daughter, now 13, who was born premature.

With the stress associated with a preterm birth, parents of premature babies are at a significant risk for postpartum depression and PTSD. There needs to be a better mechanism in place in every NICU to support the parents because their mental health directly affects that baby’s ability to survive and thrive. This report sheds important insights on parents’ perspectives about their families’ experiences in the NICU.

The Landmines of the NICU

The survey on which this report is based found the following areas to be the most difficult of almost all parents:

• Empowering Parents in the NICU
• Breastfeeding
• Supporting Families NICU/Home
• Discharge
• Declining Health of the Baby
• Death of the Baby

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