Project Description

About This Case Study

Marketers of mature brands need to find strategies to reshape the market and inject new life into their brands. Our client, a marketing executive from a major pharmaceutical company, turned to Inspire to learn from patients with cancer and their caregivers. As a marketer for a mature medication, our client needed to identify opportunities for the company to provide branded and unbranded information to patients and caregivers.

1) Learn how understanding the information-seeking behavior and channels that patients and caregivers use to obtain information for decision-making can change over the course of a patient’s journey. 

2) Find out how ATUs can ascertain “leakage points” (where eligible patients turn to other medications) and identify strategies to address them.

3) Understand how, by clarifying patient and caregiver influence in treatment decision-making, our client obtained fresh touchpoint opportunities in the patient journey.

Download, “Patient and Caregiver Study Results Breathe New Life Into a Mature Brand”


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