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From struggle to purpose: a journey of transformation

Nicola Clark

It started with a seizure, and I had no idea I was to have a long and very challenging journey ahead.

I was a single parent at the time so I was always busy juggling life around.  My scan results came back normal and I was therefore diagnosed with epilepsy.  However, the hospital treatments and medications made no difference and these episodes continued.  For the next seven years they increased, and I was soon losing complete consciousness and passing out as well.

The seizures didn’t come with a warning sign, so I was never able to prepare for them. Every day was like walking a tightrope. I would collapse anywhere, including at work or on school runs, when shopping and while at home. Alongside coping with their potentially fatal outcomes, I was covered in painful scrapes and cuts, a constant reminder of the battles I faced. I was soon permanently aware of my own mortality.

Determined to adapt to these new life circumstances and challenges, I planned ahead where I could. To ensure I had another career option, if ever needed in the future, I studied for and completed a BA degree.

Nicola Clark

Eventually I received my final diagnosis. A scan now revealed a tumor and I had brain cancer. It actually came as a relief as I now knew something about the battle I had been up against for these past seven years.

I underwent brain surgery and concentrated on getting life back to “normal.”  After a year of recovery and remission, I decided to study again, this time for a Mandarin languages qualification. I also changed my career for a more purpose-driven path and now use my insights, knowledge, and new skill sets from my experiences to make a valuable social impact and positive change.

As a personal development coach, I help people achieve their personal growth and success on their unique life journeys. I also work with employers to achieve their disability-friendly workplace goals, support teachers and students within education, and work within charities and on medical research projects to prevent, diagnose, and treat health issues.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

– Malala Yousafzai