Machine Learning Engineer

Temporarily WFH due to COVID-19 • Chennai, India

Location:  Chennai, India.  Work from home flexible but individuals must be eligible to work in Chennai, India without sponsorship

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Inspire is one of the largest healthcare social networking companies in the US with over 2 million members. This role will work on building recommendation systems and NLP models to personalize content and recommend social media posts for members on Inspire’ social media platform. You will be able to build models on large real-world data sets containing tens of millions of social media posts, healthcare data, and user behavior data points. You’ll be developing models, A/B testing them, iterating, and putting models in production.

Our new team member will:

This role will focus on personalization and recommendations. In this role you will:

  • Build recommendation systems to recommend posts to members based on their user behavior, viewing history, and interests
  • Build deep learning language models to understand text data for classification tasks and for recommender system features
  • Build, deploy, and maintain deep learning models using Amazon Sagemaker
  • Come up with innovative ideas and experiments to increase user satisfaction, engagement, and retention to use in personalization models
  • Follow the latest developments in machine learning, recommender systems, NLP, and data science research to inform the management of new opportunities



  • Ability to build deep learning NLP models for classification
  • Ability to build recommendation systems using collaborative filtering and deep neural nets
  • Experienced using deep learning frameworks such as PyTorch or Tensorflow
  • Experience using methods and techniques in NLP such as transfer learning, hyperparameter tuning, and data augmentation
  • Experience working with NLP embedding models such as word2vec and BERT
  • Ability to deploy models to a cloud platform such as AWS, GCP, or Azure or using flask and docker

Full time employees are eligible for:

  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • Quarterly performance bonus
  • Health insurance, including dental and vision