Turning Visitors Into Customers: Introducing Sponsored Content On Inspire

Trying to get your company’s content in front of engaged patients and caregivers is a daunting task in the information-overloaded Internet.  That’s why it’s important to look for new content discovery strategies.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is becoming the solution for many organizations.   Also called native advertising, sponsored content is a form of advertising that is integrated into the publisher’s platform. Whether a written piece, an infographic, or video, it has the look and feel of the content of that platform. Unlike banners or other advertising products that stand out from the platform, effective sponsored content blends in almost seamlessly for the audience.

What is unique about sponsored content advertising is the value exchange that occurs.  The content promotes the brand by educating and informing the audience, indirectly furthering brand awareness and increasing goodwill in the audience.

The Process

For the client, content creation starts with understanding the publisher’s audience.  Through consultation with the publisher and data on Google search patterns or the audience, clients can understand what people visiting the platform are looking for and create content that resonates with them.

For example, a pharmaceutical company hoping to raise awareness about an immunotherapy drug for lung cancer could write an informative post explaining what immunotherapy is. The company would work with the publisher to publish the post in a way that matches the tone and style of the rest of the content on the platform. The post could be tailored depending on the audience – patients and caregivers might be interested in a different kind of information compared to a general audience.


Nobody likes to feel that they are being tricked or fooled.   This is why sponsored content is labeled.  Clear labeling is for the benefit of the audience but it is also for advertising clients.  Building relationships and acquiring customers is a time consuming task for any brand.  By informing the publisher’s audience that content is sponsored,  the client’s credibility is protected and enhanced.

New Product Offering:  Sponsored Content on Inspire

Inspire is providing companies the opportunity to engage with members via sponsored content. Our vibrant community of support groups with trusted partners is over one million members strong.  Members are loyal to their groups and active on the platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  They are receptive, coming to learn from each other and from our partners.

Placement of Sponsored Content on Inspire is within discussion feed, but is distinctively designed and clearly labeled Sponsored Content. To maintain the quality of the user’s experience, there is an ‘x’ on the top right that allows the user to hide the sponsored content post.

Results Matter
For one client, those who clicked through to expand the content (See More button) had an average of 9% click through rate (CTR) (this CTR % is incredible compared to traditional banner products!)
Inspire provides in-depth report containing de-identified/anonymous data elements specific to the users who have engaged with the sponsored content, including the age, gender, geographical location, whether seen on desktop or via mobile device and search terms on Inspire associated with the product.  You get a detailed understanding of the people who want and need your product.

In upcoming posts, I will share more insights on sponsored content including recommendations from our digital editor on content that resonates with Inspire’s members.

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