Engaging Emails Meet the Mark: Fostering Relationships

By Linnea Madsen, Odin Soevik, Zeba Khan

Inspire utilizes several strategies to engage with our members; one method is our Activity Summary emails. With the Activity Summary, we feature all new discussion posts, replies and reactions — the activity – that occurs in all of a member’s communities.

Members can choose to receive these summaries on a daily or weekly basis. Or they can opt-out. Over 600,000 Activity Summary emails are sent out on a daily basis to our members.

For benchmarks on email engagement in 2018, Campaign Monitor obtained an overall average industry open rate of 17.92 percent. In healthcare services, that email open rate was 19.12 percent.1 On average, the monthly open rate of Inspire’s Activity Summary emails is 28 percent.

Around 50 percent of our members access their Activity Summary emails on their mobile device and the other 50 percent is equally distributed between desktops and tablets.

Metrics on readership indicates that members are not simply opening but they are reading the copy on the message, 60 percent read, 28 percent skim and only around 12 percent glance at the content. Over 5000 forwards of the Activity Summaries occur in the course of a month and members print out almost 5000 Activity Summaries every month. Inspire’s delivery rate is also above average, non-bounce rate at 96 percent and spam rate at 1 percent per day.

These statistics indicate a healthy email experience on Inspire’s platform. Banner ads and sponsored content placed on Activity Summaries are sure to be seen by large numbers of targeted members. But Inspire is always ready to make improvements to increase patient engagement.

Engagement has been conceptualized on social media as “clickthroughs, Web page visits, views, ‘likes’ on Facebook, ‘follows’ on Twitter, retweets, ‘shares’ and downloads.” Yet for Inspire, engagement has a more robust definition. On Inspire, engagement might also be defined as the motivation to participate in a series of ongoing exchanges.

Inspire facilitates this level of involvement through enhanced relationship building. We share a case study of email testing used to strengthen this process.

Download the case study, “Personalized Activity Summary and Email Journey”

personalized email

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1 https://www.campaignmonitor.com/resources/guides/email-marketing-benchmarks/